Highlighted Projects


South Texas Electric Cooperative


The  STEC G3 Building Renovation.  

A 1960's era moth-balled electric generator building  was brought back to life as a corporate office.    The 30,000 SF project included meeting spaces, corporate board room, cafeteria and private offices around a large open central space that houses portions of the original electric generator  as an art feature.  


New Braunfels Food Bank

This 33,000 SF tilt-wall structure houses food storage and distribution, a kitchen, meeting rooms and classrooms  for those in need.   Features include a sustainable garden and water recycling.


Family Violence and Prevention Services Gymnasium

The Battered Women's Shelter in San Antonio that houses 185 women and children on a daily basis, needed a gymnasium for families and large meetings.   In addition, an animal shelter built as the same time allows the fleeing families to take their beloved pets with them.


Kyuujou House

The home of architect Craig Massouh is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional Japanese house.   Hierarchical transitions of courtyards  take visitors to the front door, through the home and out to the resplendent view beyond


Gastroenterology Building

New offices and patient rooms for a group of New Braunfels doctors.  The building was placed on the site to take advantage of a large water feature.


Waste Management Covel Gardens Trash Recycling Plant

From small to large, from commercial to residential CgM can do it all within your budget guidelines.